How To Do Temporary Hair Dye for Dark Hair Without Bleaching

How To Do Temporary Hair Dye for Dark Hair Without Bleaching- 9 Steps Complete Guideline

We all have a common idea that for dyeing our hair, we need to do bleaching. At a certain stage, this is right as well. But the matter of disappointment is that bleach not only damages our hair but also affects the healthy growth of it. 

So hair specialists always give a common suggestion of dyeing hair without bleaching. But is it possible? Yes, but in a temporary way.

Then again comes the question that is it possible on darker hair? Yes, it is possible on dark hair as well. To accomplish the process of temporary hair dye for dark hair without bleaching, you need to follow some crucial steps. 

For your convenience, we have listed those steps accordingly so that you find it easier, affordable, and quickly. 

How To Do Temporary Hair Dye for Dark Hair Without Bleaching- Step By Step 

Step 1- Choosing Preferable Toned Dye 

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As we mentioned, either semi-permanent or permanent dye can lighten our hair than any semi-permanent dye. So, we recommend you choose the cool tone that will reduce the chances of becoming the hair brassy. In the case of having dark hair, it is better to go for ash blond dye. 

Step 2- Protecting Skin and Clothes 

First of all, cover your surface with the help of old newspaper or plastic. Then wear old cloth or a T-shirt. Cover your shoulder with an old towel and apply petroleum jelly on the neck and ear area. Lastly, to protect your hand, wear plastic gloves. 

Step 3- Dividing Hair in Sections 

In this step, you need to section off your hair for better hair dye application. Divide the bottom hair and gather all the upper hair and tie them with the help of a hairclip. 

Step 4- Preparing The Hair Dye 

Now follow the instruction that is written on the packaging to prepare your hair dye. You will need to pour the dye into the given applicator which contains a cream base. Then you will have to shake it to mix all the ingredients.

If there are additional goodies, then mix them as well. Maintain the right consistency of your dye so that you can apply them properly. If you don’t have an applicator then you can use a mixing bowl which must be a non-metal bowl and a one-time applicator brush. 

Step 5- Applying The Dye 

Now apply the dye to your hair with the help of an applicator brush. Blend it properly on your hair root area but make sure that you are not applying it to your scalp. Slowly apply it and cove all the hair. 

Step 6- Dyeing The Rest Of The Hair In Layers

Now make another layer of your hair and tie the rest of the hair into a bun. Then apply your hair dye on that new layer by following the previous process. If you have thick hair, then divide your hair into small sections to make sure that you are applying the dye all over the hair. 

Step 7- Waiting For Few Times

After applying the dye all over the hair wait for at least 25 minutes. However, we would recommend you to check the instruction of your packaging that how much time you need to keep the dye on your hair.

At this time, make a bun by twisting your hair and cover it with plastic wrap. It helps to trap the heat and heat will make the dye ingredients more effective on your hair. 

How To Do Temporary Hair Dye for Dark Hair Without Bleaching- Step By Step 
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Step 8- Washing The Dye 

In this step, you have to wash your dye hair with cool water. Then you have to condition your hair for getting more smooth hair. Rinse your hair with cold water and keep doing it until you find that the rinsing water is clear.

Then apply a conditioner that has color-safe properties. After applying the conditioner, wait for at least 3 to 4 minutes. Then again rinse cool water for sealing the hair cuticle. 

Step 9- Drying The Hair

This the final stage of the hair dye process. Now you need to dry your hair for getting your desired stylish look. You can either do blow dry or simply air dry.

After washing, if you find your hair is brassy or orange tone then simply wash it with blue or purple toning shampoo. It will balance your hair a lot. Once your hair gets dry, you will be able to style your hair as you want. 

What should You do Before Hair Dye for Dark Hair

To avoid different issue and accident you must consider some facts. Let’s know what are they.

Fix Your Expectation 

It is pretty challenging to make your hair color lighter without using a drop of bleach products. The very first question that comes to mind is what color can I dye my black hair without bleaching. In the case of dark hair, you need to apply different colors like dark red or dark brown.

You cannot expect blonde hair without bleaching if you have dark brown hair. So in these circumstances, you need to understand your hair type and its possible hair dye options that require no bleach products. 

If you are thinking to apply pastel colors to your hair, then there will be no other way to do it without bleaching. You will need to go for bleaching if you want colorful hair. Similarly, in the case of blonde hair bleaching is a must. So, it is pretty clear that you can not go for either pastel or blonde hair without bleaching. 

Fix Your Expectation 
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On the other hand, hair color plays a very important role in the outcome. In dark hair whatever color we apply, it will come out darker. In contrast, in the case of light hair color, the applied color becomes more visible. For example, in blonde hair, if we apply blue then it will come out in green.

Similarly, dark brown hair will turn into dark red if we dye it plain red. 

Not only the natural hair color but also the hair type affects our outcome. There are various sorts of hair types according to genetics, texture, porosity, and region. So, another crucial fact is to understand the hair type.

If the cuticle layer of your hair is strong, then you will find it difficult to dye. Similarly, in the case of prone and fragile hair, it is also tricky to apply. To sum up, you need to fix your expectation of dying hair according to your both natural hair color and your hair type. 

Find Out The Right Products 

If you want to try fancy colors then there are plenty of options that contain bleaching properties. If you are wondering about how to dye black hair brown without bleaching, then you need to choose the right product with mild ingredients that won’t harm your hair.

For your convenience, here we are listing some of the product types so that you can choose the right one for your hair. 


Demi-permanent products contain a very moderate amount of peroxide. As a result, it can lighten our hair to a certain degree. So if you want to dye your hair a bit lighter then demi-permanent products will be a great option.

On the other hand, the permanent dye is stronger to lighten up our hair more but it is extremely damaging for our hair. If you are thinking of using semi-permanent products then it won’t light up your hair according to your desire. 

Dry and Concentrated Dye

Light colors do not tend to visible on dark hair. In contrast, bright and concentrated colors like purple or blue will show up but in darker sheds. Moreover, their sheds will show up as a highlighter in the sun instead of showing under other artificial lights.

If you are looking for special effects then you can go for punk hair dyes. 

Specialized Products

Although the specialized products have limited color options, they are good for hair. Their special properties won’t harm your hair. They come up with only a few color options like blue, red, and purple. 

Color-depositing Dye

These sorts of dyes are concentrated and give amazing visibility to dark hair. Manic Panic and Splat are the best hair dye for dark hair so you can try these brands for color-depositing dye. 

Ash or Cool Tone

Ash or cool tones are pretty much balancing on dark hair because it brings out a reddish tone that makes the hair color more accurate. Make sure that you are not applying the warm-toned dye because it will make your hair, even more, warmer like orange. 

Toning Shampoo

If you wash your hair with blue or purple toning shampoo then it will help your hair to neutralize the brassy and orange tone. By using these toning shampoos you will also know how to dye dark hair blue without bleach. 

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The Bottom Line 

If the hair dye process goes wrong with bleaching supplements, then it might damage your hair for a long time. So it is always suggested that avoiding bleaching on hair.

And dark hair is not possible to dye without bleaching. In this case, our mentioned tips and tricks will help you to do temporary hair dye for dark hair without bleaching. You can also apply those steps in colors to dye brown hair without bleach.

We would like to recommend you gather all the necessary supplies before starting the hair dye process. It will make your job easier, faster, and more hassle-free. 

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