How Soon Can I Recolor My Hair If I Don't Like the Color

How Soon Can I Recolor My Hair If I Don’t Like the Color

Coloring hair whether at home or a salon is one of the most exciting experiences. Nobody can wait to see the new look. But nothing can be more frustrating if you do not like the color. 

If this is your condition, you will instantly search for ‘how soon can I recolor my hair if I don’t like the color’. Then what is the solution? 

Do not get panicked because in today’s article we will show you the exact solution of your query. Lets’ begin!

10 Common Mistakes You Might Commit While Coloring Your Hair

Common Mistakes You Might Commit While Coloring Your Hair

You may think why we are showing you the common mistakes while coloring your hair instead of telling nothing about the time management of recoloring. Our purpose is to simply prepare you from the very beginning so that you can avoid any inconveniences. 

  1.  If you are going to dye your hair for the first time, you may pick the wrong color and shade.
  2. There is a possibility of choosing the wrong developer. You may mix a developer with such a hair color that is not recommended with the product.
  3. Another common mistake is that you may wash your hair with shampoo immediately before coloring your hair. 
  4. You may mix the developer and the hair color only by measuring with your naked eye. But it is not the right method. In this case, the recommended proportion will be compromised. 
  5. The expected coloring result will be completely spoilt if you use inappropriate dyeing tools.
  6. Applying the color directly without a strand/patch test on a particular part of your hair is a fatal mistake. It may develop allergies. Besides, you may not get the exact shade you wish for. 
  7. You may not apply the color appropriately. If you are new, you may end up with uneven color. 
  8. Leaving your hair for an over or under processing time is one of greatest mistakes. It may damage your hair.
  9. Making a hurry when rinsing the color.
  10. Showing indifference in color post treatment. 

Is It Possible to Recolor My Hair If I Don’t Like It?

Is It Possible to Recolor My Hair

If you are reading this article, we are pretty sure that you have colored your hair but after that you do not like it at all. Therefore, you want to recolor your hair. 

But one question is lurking in your mind. That is: “Can I recolor my hair?” The answer is ‘Yes’. You can recolor your hair. But you must wait for it.

As you know, if you go for recoloring your hair just after the next day of your previous color, it will seriously damage your hair. Besides, the result will be devastation if you use permanent hair dye. 

Remember, you have to give some time even if you do not like your previous color. Again, you must develop a mindset to accept slight hair damage in this case. Result may be different if you use semi-permanent hair dye.

The best thing you can do is to talk to your hairdresser because she/he may have a better solution than you. 

Why Should I Wait Between Colouring My Hair? 

When you use color, your hair is exposed to chemicals. Every chemical process brings about some disadvantages to your hair. This is one of the prime reasons for waiting between coloring your hair to maintain the hair’s health. And obviously, you do not want to damage your hair by using chemicals.

The equation will vary between thick and thin hair. If you are lucky enough to have naturally strong and healthy hair, you can show a bit more carelessness than others. Still your hair will experience some negative impact. 

If unfortunately you do not have that type of strong hair, there is no way out but to wait for recoloring.

The most common drawbacks of frequent coloring is split ends and hair breakage. When you color your hair, it rips off the outer layer of your hair and seriously harms your hair shaft. Consequently, the shine and smoothness of your hair is lost. Plus, it makes your hair dry and brittle. 

What Should Be the Minimum Duration of Recoloring My Hair? 

Minimum Duration: How Soon Can I Recolor My Hair If I Don't Like the Color

In case of permanent hair color, you must wait at least four to six weeks because permanent hair color consists of peroxide that can damage the smoothness of your hair. The more you wait, the less your hair will be damaged. 

However, if you had to recolor before the recommended date, you should use semi-permanent dye because it contains less chemicals. It will cause less damage. Therefore, you may apply semi-permanent color every couple of days. 

Suggestions to Reduce Damage When You Want to Recolour Your Hair Before Six Weeks

If you wish to dye your hair too early, you should apply semi-permanent color because it will temporarily change your hair color. Besides, it will not 

Be aware of taking care of your hair once it is colored. 

Apply coconut oil to reduce hair damage.

Choose your hair treatment products carefully. Use the best one for you. If you face difficulties selecting the best one that matches your hair type, consult a hairdresser. 


Can you re-dye your hair again the next day?

Dyeing your hair again the next day is not recommended. You can not do it if you have already used permanent hair color. You can apply semi-permanent hair color to avoid any damage.
If you have no option left, then you can use a hair mouse that may bring about a slight change in your hair color.

Can I dye my hair twice to make it darker?

Obviously, not. Dyeing your hair twice a day is strictly prohibited. You must wait at least a week if you wish to get your hair barker. Take time to minimize your damage.
Besides, the type of your hair color also plays a pivotal role in this aspect. If you are using permanent color, you must wait for re-dyeing. 
In case of semi-permanent dye, you can recolor it the next day to make it darker. To ensure the safety of your hair, you must do it.
Moreover, you can talk to your hair-dresser for further assistance to get darker hair. 

What will happen if you dye your hair twice in two days?

If you do it, it will make your scalp sensitized. Even it may ruin everything. Again, the second coloring will not be so effective. Plus, there is the possibility of becoming your hair darker if you apply the same shade. 

Can you box dye twice in one day?

The straight answer is: No. it would not be wise to box dye your hair twice in a day. It will be harmful to your hair.

Can you bleach hair 2 days in a row?

You can bleach your hair to get your expected style. But doing it two days in a row is a bad idea. It will increase your hair breakage. 

Wrapping Up: How Soon Can I Recolor My Hair If I Don’t Like the Color

Hope you have got your answer to the question: How Soon Can I Recolor My Hair If I Don’t Like the Color. So, you must hold your patience for at least four to six weeks to recolor your hair. But the scenario may change depending on your hair type.

Our most important advice to you is that you should always pay attention to the safety of your hair. 

Use safe products and flourish your beauty!

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